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Woman's Health and Aging Study - I

Study Start Date:


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Study Organization:

Johns Hopkins COAH

Study Description:

A prospective study of 1,002 community-dwelling women 65 years and older who were moderately to severely disabled at the baseline evaluation between 1992-95. Follow-up evaluations were conducted every 6 months for 3 years. The goals were to determine: (I) the natural history of progression of physical disability; (2) the major diseases and conditions responsible for disability and changes in physical function over time; and (3) major modifiers of the course and severity of disability. A random sample of women was drawn, stratified by age (65-74, 75-84 and 85 and older) and contacted for screening. The screening interview was designed to identify the 1/3 most disabled older women living in the community. It was based on prior research indicating that physical disability can be categorized into 4 domains, where difficulty in 1 task was associated with having difficulty in the others in the group. These domains consisted of tasks primarily related to: a) mobility and exercise tolerance; 2) upper extremity function; 3) higher functioning tasks ( a subset of IADLs), and 4) basic self-care tasks ( a subset of non-mobility dependent ADLs). ). Individuals who reported difficulty in 2, 3, or 4 domains represented 1/3 of women 65 and older residing in the community (Appendix A). Study eligibility was defined as a) self-report of difficulty in tasks in two or more domains of functioning, and b) no dementia, based on a Mini-Mental State Examination score of 18 or greater (Folstein 1975).

The Forms that are in the Study:

Form Name Data Status Of the Forms by Round
CAPI Interviewuuuuuuu
Master Statusuuuuuuu
Physician Questionnaireuu
Physical Assessmentullllll
Hand Photo Evaluationu  
Deceased uuuuuu
Study Weightsu
WHAS Additional Variablesuuuuuuu

n - Data in process of being collected or it has been collected but the data has not been entered or it is not in a distributable format
l - Data in raw format
u - Data in analytical format

Special Notes or Items for the Study:

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