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Cognitive Pathways

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Center on Aging and Health

Study Description:

This study is conducted under the auspices of the Womens Health and Aging Study II (WHAS II) to understand how changes in various cognitive abilities with increasing age may exert downstream effects on physical function. The WHAS II offers a unique opportunity to explore in-depth the contributions of mental function to the progression to physical limitations to disability for numerous reasons. First, upon entry in the WHAS II, these women were both cognitively and physically high functioning, thereby allowing the researchers to determine the circumstances under which changes in cognition predict subsequent changes in physical function. Second, the majority of women have been retained and evaluated repeatedly using state-of-the-art self-report and performance measures of mobility and complex physical functions, such as taking medications and preparing meals. Third, since its inception, this study has contained a comprehensive evaluation of attention, verbal and visuospatial memory, mental speed, and language.

The Forms that are in the Study:

Form Name Data Status Of the Forms by Round
Cognitive Functionuuuuuun
Everyday Activities Questionnaire uuun
MMSE uuuuun

n - Data in process of being collected or it has been collected but the data has not been entered or it is not in a distributable format
l - Data in raw format
u - Data in analytical format

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